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Instant Changes!

Training 2nd to None !!... Dan and Sam are amazing.. Off Leash really understands the dogs and what needs to be done.. Instant Changes.. Would recommend to everyone !

Edward Sassano  //  Verified Google Review

Im so so grateful

We had a wonderful experience and it seriously changed our lives!! We have a black lab who is 60 pounds and she was a HORRIBLE walker on the leash... it was so bad that I had pretty much given up and thanks to off leash k9, we go on walks everyday and ENJOY them. I’m so, so grateful for their training abilities! You definitely have to do your homework though and work with your pup consistently!

Jessie Huff  //  Verified Google Review

We are very pleased

Gerry and I left Teddy for two weeks for the Off Lease Training. Coach Herb kept him an additional week for us. Our precious Teddy is a different Yorkie. After his 2-week training, he minds well,  He will come to us, when called, he sits when told, goes to the ‘place’ we point at and lays down.  Thank you Off Lease, he hardly ever barks any more.  Yea! We are very pleased with the training and staff is awesome.

Melinda Kennon  //  Verified Google Review

we are all amazed

I used Off Leash K9 Training for my Dog. Archie is an 8 month old beautiful male Goldendoodle who was board and trained by Greg Morris. After 2 weeks of training, we pick Archie up today. Greg is very kind and courteous and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great trainer. Greg has sent daily updates with pictures and videos put to music showing Archie's incredible progress. I have shared these with friends and family and we are all amazed by Archie and Greg. When we pick up Archie I hope that we can get him to behave 75% as good as he does for Greg. Board and train is quite expensive but from what I have seen Archie do via video I consider it worth the investment. Can't wait to see our boy Archie!

Marc Goldstein //  Verified Google Review

Well worth the money

Excellent work by Miranda! Chloe has been like a new dog since she returned from her board-and-train program. She now goes outside without a leash and follows commands even with big distractions like the neighbor's dog barking at her. Well worth the money.

Todd Ortscheid //  Verified Google Review

fantastic dog training company!

Off Leash K9 is a fantastic dog training company! They were very caring to our 7 month old puppy and she learned how to be very obedient and she was excited to show us off what she learned at school 🙂

Mike Venture  //  Verified Google Review

professional training advice

Taylor in Athens provided insights regarding puppy training that I had not even imagined!  TUX will be 5 months old April 1 and on his way to have good manners, being a  happy good citizen, and possibly even becoming a service dog!  Positive redirecting [instead of nagging or yelling] and making sure the puppy is having fun  have gone a long way already. Taylor answered about 30 minutes of my issues with clarity and professional training advice.  THANK YOU TAYLOR!  5 stars !!!!!

Virginia Lassiter  //  Verified Google Review

great instructors

A great training program with great instructors. Did wonders for my dog (American Staffordshire Terrier mix). Would definitely recommend them. Just know what you’re signing up for - a lot of continued training and holding your dog accountable at home - you definitely get out of it what you put into it!

John Menzies  //  Verified Google Review

great experience 

I have a one-year-old standard poodle, Noodle, who is already really well behaved. I'd say he was a good boy before but now he's a GREAT boy! I initally wanted to get him ecollar trained so I can have more control at the dog park when he humps other dogs. I got WAY more out of our sessions than expected. Noodle knew the basic obedience commands (sit, place, come, down) but would do it on his terms. A week after his ecollar training, he was immediately listening to me on the first command. I think it's important to note that I trained with Noodle outside of our class almost 5 times a week for 30+ minutes.
We did the one-on-one basic obedience session with Emily who was the perfect trainer for us! She is very encouraging, positive and reassuring. She taught me how to properly handle the ecollar and how to praise Noodle when he's doing a good job. Emily really put things in perspective for me and reassured me that Noodle and I were on our way to success. Thank you Emily for such a great experience at Off Leash K9, we look forward to booking more training sessions with you!

Hailey Curtis  //  Verified Google Review

Thanks so much Off Leash

We’ve had Lola since she was a puppy and we have 3 other dogs.  All of a sudden Lola became aggressive with our dogs and other dogs.  She was also very difficult to walk on a leash. After just a couple sessions with Rob she’s a new dog.  I feel confident walking her by myself and she’s so much calmer.  Thanks so much Off Leash.

Jolynn Henry  //  Verified Google Review

Great experience

Great experience working with Jake.  Our dog Tango is incredibly willful, but now he listens and follows commands.  Highly recommend.

Paul Cimino  //  Verified Google Review

very professional 

We did the basic training with Mike at Off Leash. Mike was very professional & made sure I understood how to continue the training at home. Our pup started at 9 months old and although he knew some commands, we had difficulty getting him to obey the first time. Since the tranning and with the use of the Ecollar, our pup is doing much better. We will probably go back for more advanced training in the near future.

Katie Hirsch //  Verified Google Review

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